Blog: CE Awards 2017: Sustainability (Sponsored by Temple)

29 June 2017

Featured Finalist: Willmott Dixon Cobham Webinar Initiative

Sunesis is revolutionising education build and invigorating the offsite sector. Their product is constantly improved through continuous learning, greater engagement of its supply chain partners and investment in R&D.

Willmott Dixon had taken numerous steps to reduce their carbon footprint on a company level, achieving carbon neutral status as well as the Carbon Trust Standard but still considered their environmental impact to be too high. In the Cobham region, 52% of carbon emissions and 74% of energy spend could be linked back to car travel and sustainability was considered a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must do’. It was decided to launch weekly webinars to educate both site and office staff on sustainability, environmental and social impact issues through bite sized training sessions. As part of the business case for investment in GoToWebinar software, it was assumed that it takes the average Building Manager one hour each way to travel to an office-based training session, this is 2no. man hours wasted – valued at £56. Therefore the software would quickly pay for itself.

Positive feedback from the teams has been overwhelming with good attendance of webinars. Statistics include: no. of webinars = 23; no. of attendees = 271; man minutes of training= 5,661; estimated carbon saved= 5,439 kgCO2e (equivalent to about 10% of Cobham’s monthly carbon footprint). Other direct results of the webinar initiative include: sharp increase in the team’s knowledge and passion for sustainability; the use of video conferencing has become ‘business as usual; learning has been boosted as other departments follow suit; and remote staff feel more engaged in business-wide initiatives.

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