Blog: Innovation SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - CLOCS Monitoring App by Mulalley

22 May 2019

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CLOCS Monitoring App - Mulalley

The origin of Mulalley's innovation started with a commitment to adopting and adhering to the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) Standard. CLOCS aims to eliminate the risks of collisions and injuries to vulnerable road users from construction traffic as well as seeking to reduce emissions and subsequently improving air quality. Mulalley were already FORS accredited when they started to become CLOCS compliant, which helped demonstrate their commitment to road safety. They created their own procedures, including a contract logistics plan template and training for all staff. Then they became a CLOCS Champion and engaged with the supply chain by writing to their top 200 supply chain partners. Becoming a CLOCS Champion demonstrates commitment to improving safety and best practice, and to minimise the impact that construction sites have on people and the surrounding area.

Within their CLOCS procedures and guidance notes, Mulalley established a risk score for each site to determine how frequently vehicle checks at the gate should take place. A higher rating would be given if an area or route is near an incident hot spot or concentrations of vulnerable road users. It became apparent that a relatively large number of checks would be required, which would be time consuming for checking, collating and then entering the data back at the office for checking and analysing. They used their own in-house expertise to build an app and fulfil their specific needs.

CLOCS Monitoring App

The resultant CLOCS Monitoring App demonstrates leadership and innovation in utilising technology to improve efficiency and increase compliance standards. This bespoke app helps to improve data capture and minimises the risks of CLOCS check-forms going missing, as well as eliminating the issue of illegible handwriting. It also reduces the administrative time necessary to type up results. Mulalley discussed this with their supply chain and shared it with them to get their buy-in, and feedback was positive as it speeds up the checking process on site - a benefit for the supply chain deliveries.

The development and use of their CLOCS monitoring app is an example of what can be achieved through a combination of leadership, collaboration, inspiration and innovation – to deliver improved efficiency. This has helped cement their commitment to becoming a CLOCS Champion. They encourage other construction companies to follow suit in demonstrating a commitment to CLOCS - to save lives and reduce the risks associated with construction traffic by adopting similar means of evaluating supply chain compliance with their vehicles, drivers and routing.


Mulalley's CLOCS monitoring app solution contributes to ensuring they meet the CLOCS Standard and improve road safety and efficiency by:

  • Speeding up the checking process by digitising the CLOCS gate check-list
  • Consolidating the monitoring process and reducing resources (time, double entry and paper)
  • Allowing them to analyse compliance on an evidence-based system and direct action towards their supply chain, whilst also providing proof of monitoring to their clients through streamlined communications and reporting.

For more details:

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