Blog: Offsite SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - East Village N06

15 June 2020

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Offsite SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - East Village N06 (submitted by Alternative Heat)

On East Village N06, Mace, the main contractor, wanted to incorporate and utilise prefabrication for as much of the build as possible in order to reduce programme, onsite labour inefficiencies and H&S risks onsite, while driving higher efficiencies and quality. BES, who were the appointed M&E contractor on this project, approached Mace with regard to sub-contracting Alternative Heat (AH) as their preferred shell and core MEP prefab subcontractor in order to meet and deliver on Mace’s prefab aspirations.

AH subsequently met with Mace, the M&E consultants, ChapmanBDSP and BES to provide a much better insight into their design, fabrication and installation capabilities and to discuss potential MEP prefab strategies for this project. Having seen AH's capabilities and visited sites of recently delivered MEP prefab jobs, AH were appointed under the M&E contractor to design, fabricate and deliver the shell and core MEP package for this project, which included:

  • Prefabricated, skid mounted plant rooms
  • Prefabricated mechanical and public health risers
  • Prefabricated Landlords LV, Tenants LV and Comms risers
  • Prefabricated MEP lateral modules
  • Prefabricated Utility Cupboards (PUCs)

AH got involved at early design stage development and worked closely with the M&E consultants to co-ordinate with the site-wide MEP services. Through BIM modelling, all carried out in-house, they were able to design prefabricated modules to carry the site-wide MEP services for the riser and lateral modules and likewise design and standardise the prefabricated utility cupboard and skid-mounted plant room solutions in line with the MEP services and plant schedules. Incorporating their prefab solution into the site-wide BIM model enabled them to incorporate these packages in line with the apartment and basement GAs and MEP services to include SVP locations for the utility cupboards.

Carrying out all prefab development in-house enabled AH to share their designs through a shared CDE for approval and sign off. They designed the modules and took full design responsibility in relation to structural loading and lifting calculations of all frames to include expansion, anchoring and fixing calculations and M&E schematics for the plant rooms and PUCs. Their design also incorporated site-wide setting out detail and integration of all prefab frames within the site-wide BIM model.

Aside from a prefab approach, Mace wanted AH to deliver innovation in order to maximise the benefits of prefab. Through design development, they successfully delivered this across all prefab packages as summarised below:

  • Lateral modules – designed to be installed offsite into precast floor slabs, enabling the floor structure and services for the floors below to be installed at the one time, improving programme and H&S
  • Riser modules – halfen fixing channels precast into the risers to enable ease of fixing of the modules onsite, without the need for onsite drilling, improving programme, quality and H&S
  • PUCs – integration of bunded floor, ceiling, recessed electrics and pre-wired electrics to non-maintainable plugs


  • Early-stage BIM integrated design development and shell and core prefabricated M&E design enabled seamless integration of site-wide prefab packages
  • The latest production line fabrication facilities enabled the delivery of a £6.2m prefab packaged in advance of programme
  • Early-stage, inhouse design development and production line fabrication with stringent QA procedure and offsite testing facilitated the delivery of a high-quality, built for purpose, prefabricated solution - helping to reduce project cost, programme, improving onsite H&S and quality of the MEP shell and core package

About the Offsite Award: 

The SECBE Awards team look for a number of qualities in our Offsite finalist entries including: a systematic approach to the implementation of offsite solutions, the potential of new and innovative approaches, tangible benefits, addressing commercial demands and local community needs whilst also unique and innovative - particularly compared to traditional construction methods.

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