Blog: Apprenticeship Initiative SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - Bowmer + Kirkland

08 April 2020

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Apprenticeship Initiative SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - Bowmer + Kirkland

In response to the recent changes to and introduction of professional apprenticeships, Bowmer + Kirkland (B+K) have introduced a new training programme which aligns with the requirements of the Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management Degree Apprenticeships.

The B+K philosophy is to empower the previous generation of trainees to inspire the new and actively participate in their training and development. They have met with various Higher Education Institutions as well as the RICS and have made sure that their training is tailored to suit all courses and take a holistic approach to training and development. 

In more detail

To offer the required support for their apprentices, Bowmer + Kirkland set up a Training Board which includes a member from all their construction regions. A meeting is held quarterly and is the ideal forum to bring up issues faced by their apprentices or with the apprenticeship itself. They have created a suite of documents which includes an Apprentice Handbook, a Training Matrix and Record Forms to ensure that the apprentices are following the right path. B+K have also introduced training and support for mentors to ensure that they are aware of the requirements of the apprenticeship and endpoint assessment. The mentors are selected based on their enthusiasm to help others progress and develop.

Further to their ‘in-house’ work to improve their training, B+K has also teamed up with the RICS Future Talent Department and attend their employer forum meetings, educating and helping other employers better understand the implications of the degree apprenticeship, what it means for their trainees and how they can best provide support.

Previously, their recently graduated staff were going from trainee to assistant level, B+K hope the new training programme will help them transition from assistant to project QS.


  • The introduction of a new training programme which specifically looks to facilitate the successful completion of apprenticeship degree courses.
  • The training they give to other employers at the RICS Future Talent Employer Forum meetings. Here they are able to share their lessons learnt and help guide other companies through the degree apprenticeship training.
  • Their quarterly E-Shot which looks to share knowledge across the B+K group. It includes hot topics, as well as CPD events, lessons learnt sections, updates on off-the-job learning days (for apprentices) and includes a feedback form to ensure they include content that their staff want to read/learn about.

About the Apprenticeship Initiative Award:  Sponsored by CoTrain  

The SECBE Awards team look for organisations and schemes that: inspire and encourage people into the industry, actively and innovatively develop a sustainable workforce through apprenticeships, provide a secure foundation for successful careers, have innovative infrastructure to support training, and demonstrate continuous training and development and structured monitoring.

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