Blog: Digital Construction SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - ECD BIM Consultancy Services for Portsmouth CC

01 June 2020

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Digital Construction SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - ECD BIM Consultancy Services for Portsmouth CC (submitted by ECD Architects)

ECD Architects' support of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) in BIM, using their Tipner West Masterplan project as a live a pilot, has upskilled PCC staff and enabled the Council to understand the process of structured data. It has created a golden thread of information that runs through each project from design, completion and operation, as well as enabled their use of 3D models as a tool to promote, analyse and approve key decisions. 

PCC now has a BIM manager and an evergrowing in-house team implementing BIM across its projects. This team is working and delivering information in a BIM-compliant fashion, and using BIM to improve project procurement, manage the flow of information through the different project stages and support PCC’s vision of becoming a 'digital by default' client.  

Their BIM Implementation Strategy for PCC and its execution has allowed PCC staff to change the way they work and has provided them with the confidence to implement BIM processes on a £1.3 bn Masterplan (Tipner West). The Masterplan project itself faced a number of obstacles for regenerating the area such as contamination from former land uses, flood risk, land ownership and a lack of infrastructure.

The masterplan BIM process has supported PCC & the wider team in analysing these issues and supported them in the project plan to deliver: 4,000+ homes, 1 million square feet marine employment, 140 acres of land, 2,250 metres of waterfront, and an over water connecting bridge.

The BIM challenges they faced included: the process of change, setting clear organisational goals, creating an appropriate and positive organisational culture (developing a vision), the potential barriers to change management, and the continuous improvement cycle and the importance of measuring performance.


  • Cultural change within PCC toward digital construction
  • Behavioural changes within their framework supply chain
  • Adoption of a new approach of information management within PCC
  • Development of a procurement strategy for using the BIM Models
  • Management of information to support a Golden Thread of information strategy

Implementing this BIM strategy, PCC now has a process of managing Models & Information to support its team growth. Using these processes, PCC has a solution to audit the trail of information to understand why, when and who makes the decision at different milestones and gateways.

Additionally, ECD provides workshops and seminars for the promotion of BIM across the industry. They have developed and provide training in using CDEs as an audit trail for decision making, Live project shadowing and a BIM School for supply chains to enable them to meet BIM requirements. They are also working with a group of 16-19 year-olds in Portsmouth, who are embarking on a professional life in the construction industry, to assist them in understanding what BIM and Digital construction mean and how their role will evolve.


  • Their BIM training and development programme has provided PCC the opportunity to integrate a collaborative BIM user group from each department within the Council that promotes the use of digital construction across all projects.
  • Their ability and experience have supported the council's approach and the development of a digital twin strategy, allowing the council to capture and manage information and address how they manage data associated to assets where everyone lives and works.
  • Their presentations and CPD training within the industry, along with engagement with social media, has provided ECD with a platform for sharing the best practice. 

About the Digital Construction Award: 

Digital Construction embraces BIM, GIS, Big Data and other evolving technological advancements.  Technology has transformed the world we live in and has potential to revolutionise the construction industry. This category rewards organisations, projects or initiatives that have adopted, advanced and achieved excellence in Digital Construction.

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