Blog: Innovation SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - BeadMaster

10 June 2020

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Innovation SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - BeadMaster (aask us Ltd)

New BeadMaster™ range: the BeadMaster™ family of products for electricians and plasterers was introduced to make installation of switches, sockets and downlights easier and more efficient, saving on time and cost, whilst improving trade relationships and providing a great finish. The speed of implementation, along with the finish and safety features, offers both short and long term gains for all stakeholders. 

Benefits include:

  • Cables being accurately positioned and identified, avoiding the need for electricians to randomly cut through newly plastered and painted walls looking for cables.
  • Once the plate has been fitted it protects the cables, keeps the socket clean from debris and safeguards the plasterer and other trades from potential live connections - reducing damage and risk to the user.
  • Makes the plastering process quicker and easier as the plasterer can simply skim over the top without having to manoeuver around holes.
  • The product contains a flame retardant material.
  • Provides an optimal finish first time with straight lines and clean edges - reducing snagging and re-work.
  • Relationships between the trades are more harmonious as there’s a structured process which helps avoid overlap.
  • The product is 100% recyclable, carrying a PP5 code rating.
  • Once fitted, a reduction in gaps helps reduce heat and sound loss, which is increasingly identified with pressure and acoustic testing.
  • Provides an IP54 rating for protection from water.

Cost and time savings

By using  BeadMaster™ products within a new build house, it’s estimated to save around £400-700 per house and reduces time on site by around 2-5 days. This is because the beads help streamline the building process, allowing electricians and plasterers to focus on the job without getting in the way of others. Because the finish is clean and accurate, snagging is reduced so less resource is required at the end of the build process.

The product 

The  BeadMaster™ range was developed with electricians and plasterers in mind and designed to support large house building companies and building supplies resellers to help streamline build processes.

Currently, the product range includes:

  • Rectangular frame beads for double switches / sockets
  • Square frame beads for single switches / sockets
  • Circular frame beads for downlights

The product is simple by design: a plastic plate that sits neatly in the hole the electrician has cut during first fix. The plate is stapled firmly to the plasterboard allowing plasterers to quickly and easily skim the whole area. It’s the same thickness as the plaster so remains just about visible, making it easy to find at a later stage.

Once the plasterer, painter and other tradesmen have completed their jobs, the centre sections are cut out with a hooked blade to reveal clean, straight bead around the edges, ready for the final fix.

"BeadMaster improves quality with the introduction of a neat, well dressed and solid socket surround. Efficiency is improved as the operation is only carried out once rather than multiple times and then having to snag and revisit work. Not having to revisit means waste has been eliminated and therefore costs saved. Definitely recommend." 

Nigel Harris, Operations Manager, Willmott Dixon


  • BeadMaster is a simple and innovative design that saves time and cost on installation whilst improving quality
  • No snagging or re-work, and repeatability across the whole project
  • Endorsed by Willmott Dixon, now a mandatory product on all installations

About the Innovation Award: 

Innovation is widely recognised as the critical factor for increased and sustained productivity and growth. It demonstrates an organisation’s confidence, capacity and appetite for improved performance and productivity gains. Innovation is most effective as a holistic approach that identifies both demand and ideas and is most successful when supported by collaboration between customers and the supply chain.

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