Blog: SME of the Year SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - BJF Group

16 June 2020

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SME of the Year SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - BJF Group

The BJF Group story is one of sustained and progressive growth, evolution and resilience. A young company in comparison to many industry competitors, the BJF Group has become more than just a construction company over its 13 years. The diversity of its 4 divisions (Construction, Facilities Management, M&E and Projects) sets them apart from its SME competitors and gives clients a complete, turnkey building solution.

The collapse of a major client in 2018 was a key challenge for BJF Group and is one that they have not only recovered from but it has offered significant opportunities for learning and client relationships that would not have come about had they not stepped up to the mark during a turbulent time.

Technological investment plays a major part in the success of BJF Group. The investments they have made means that they now manage specific tasks such as Risk and Method Statements, overall regulatory compliance as well as the top-level operations of the business in an efficient way empowered by better information allowing them to manage risk as they grow.

When it comes to people, their ambition is to become a business the best want to work for and no one wants to leave. A major change made in recent years in relation to talent attraction and retention was bringing their recruitment function in house. Insourcing recruitment has resulted in a £0.5m saving versus using agencies and they have invested this money back into the development of staff and to further the growth of the business.

They recently invested in securing a northern office in Lancashire. This office provides a base for their project management team based in the North and has the capacity to expand as they secure more projects further afield.

They are also diversifying and creating a new space for other likeminded businesses to thrive. They will soon be developing a new, state-of-the-art head office location along with Kent’s most conveniently located business park on their current Head Office site.

The BJF Group’s supply chain is crucial to the success of their business and their engagement with them brings value in terms of environmental advances as well as innovation and value for money.

They are on track to meet or exceed targets over the coming years. These include financial measures but this is not their key driver and they focus heavily on developing people and adopting technology as markers of success.

Finally, they have been externally recognised for their success and in 2018 BJF Group was named among the top 100 fastest growing businesses in the South East by BDO - with an above-average 41.74% sales growth. They came in at number 29. They also won Best Construction Business at the Maidstone Business Awards and South East Construction Awards in 2019.


  • BJF Group survived and successfully recovered from the collapse of a major client, turning this challenge into an opportunity that has seen them thrive.
  • The acquisition of BJF’s strategic Head Office location is a major strength of the business and will see them develop their own business park over the coming few years.
  • The diversity of divisions within the BJF Group and the strength of their in-house support functions sets them apart from other SME competitors in the industry.

About the SME of the Year Award: 

SMEs are the backbone of the industry and are recognised by Constructing Excellence for their dominance of and contribution to the supply chain. Department for Business Innovation and Skills suggest that 99.9% of UK construction contracting businesses are SMEs and some of the greatest innovation and best practice can be identified in this sector.

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