Blog: Value SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - Bowes Road Estate

17 June 2020

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Value SECBE Awards 2020 finalist - Bowes Road Estate (submitted by Langley Structures)

The client was looking to upgrade twelve social housing block roofs for its tenants, optimising scheduled regeneration as part of a wider ‘New Southgate’ project of improving the estate services for the community by Enfield Council. After considering their options, Langley Structures Flat to Pitched (FTP) System was chosen. 

Their system was used to convert five blocks on Bowes Road and one on Cross Roads, totalling ten roofs, resulting in three different FTP designs. Followed by a further two pitched roof refurbishments on Massey Close that also took place - these buildings already had pitched roofs, and therefore were re-tiled to match the FTP roof conversion tiles.

Initially, Enfield Council approached Playle and Partners to consult on a solution for their roof estate renewal. At tender ENGIE Regeneration were successful in securing the project who then partnered with Langley for their expertise.

The initial requirement was to deliver value, which was achieved through the flat to pitched conversions. Another consideration in a council’s planning is the long-term maintenance of roof assets; the conversion solution is durable, reduces maintenance costs and provides life cycle cost certainty compared to the existing flat roof. Other benefits included reduced building insurance premiums, less likelihood of intruders on a non-access roof, and the increased aesthetic appeal is likely to increase perceived value by the leaseholders.

The whole project of the New Southgate refurbishment was 48 weeks and 18 was for the FTP conversions that met the timeline specified. It also did not exceed budget.

In more detail

The system has a lightweight frame construction which is up to 70% lighter than traditional timber. The light structure has minimal impact upon the existing building and superstructure. All the external elements including the lightweight tiles are supplied by Langley, providing quality assurance to the client.

One of the buildings on Bowes Road featured a lightwell that was a health and safety risk to those with access to the pitched roof void. This was overcome with hot rolled transfer steels designed by Langley to close off the lightwell. Within that steel structure, existing apertures were utilised by incorporating a new sun tube and new smoke extract systems to the communal area.

Chris Marlow, ENGIE Senior Quantity Surveyor: ‘ENGIE has, with the assistance of Langley, successfully delivered ten Flat to Pitched roof conversions for our mutual client, the London Borough of Enfield on Bowes Road. From the inception of the scheme, the design team on behalf of Langley provided detailed design information and addressed any issues and obstacles within reasonable timeframes. Regular inspections and reports were carried out on-site to ensure, in line with ENGIE management, that the required quality levels for the works were achieved.’ 

Sarah Primarolo, Architect: ‘We have had a positive experience working with Langley on this project from design through to completion on site. The regular inspection correspondence and site progress photographs were particularly helpful.’


  • Aesthetic transformation
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Collaborative working to achieve the values assigned pre-project

About the Value Award: 

Judges are looking for an initiative, project or series of projects that has focused on the value of facilities in use and the outcomes for owners and users. Good facilities add value by enabling owners and/or users to live or work better in them.

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