Blog: SECBE Awards 2021 finalist - NHS ITU Cubicles

11 May 2021

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NHS ITU Cubicles  (submitted by Rap Interiors Ltd)

Building Project of the Year under £10m SECBE Award 2021 finalist

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rap Interiors did not want to sit around without helping in some way. They adapted their services to support other businesses to cope with the changes and demands that would affect their workplace including hand sanitising stations, screens, and solutions for the NHS.

They received a call from NHS Brentwood and Braintree asking if they could deliver “something like the Nightingale hospital” with ITU Bays. Having looked at those proposed at the ExCel centre, their concern was they still had open sides so not potentially as COVID controlled as they could be.  

They had immediately sent all staff home as per Government guidelines but the Directors continued working and therefore the Commercial Director Martyn, took the call. Liaising with their preferred Cubicle manufacturer, they worked many hours over 3 days with Concept Cubicles to design an ITU bay that was better.

This included researching a cost-effective material that was structurally secure for the walls but also had a high hygienic rating to deal with this ever-growing pandemic. Using Compact Grade Laminate (CGL), they knew this material met the requirements of the need for hygienic areas that would be easy to keep clean as well as matching the demands of the pandemic infectious disease criteria.

It also gave flexibility as the bay can be reused with a lifetime of 15+ years as well a much quicker lead time of 7 days allowing them to act quickly on-site to install the bed bays efficiently.

The issue for the NHS client was they wanted them installed within 7 days.  The deadlines to create the design, ensure we could get hold of the necessary materials in time and expedite teams on site safely were tough. The benefits of having an internal Health & Safety Manager were imperative to this project and very quickly teams were provided with the necessary PPE. Rap Interiors were delighted to deliver on time, being part of an emergency crew at this essential stage of immediate lockdown has made their company proud to have collaborated with a preferred supplier and deliver.

How did they do it:

  1. Working collaboratively with their supplier Concept Cubicle Systems, at a social distance via Zoom meetings, their solution was well received by the Emergency teams at NHS.
  2. Commercial Director, Martyn and Projects Director, Parry surveyed the sites and bespoke bed bays were designed for different sized rooms; the largest holding 16 and the smallest holding just 1.
  3. John Beaumont, Director at Concept Cubicle Systems, produced a plan to determine the sizes for the bed bays while maintaining the 2m social distance guideline between each bed.
  4. Commencing on-site within 5 days of being awarded the project, 20 workmen were inducted on-site and worked around the many deliveries the hospitals were receiving for important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Key facts:

  • 100% focus on providing an emergency product to deal with a global pandemic.
  • Delivering in 7 days from design to completion
  • Collaboration of two companies.

  • Client: NHS

  • Project Partners: Rap Interiors and Concept Cubicle Systems

About the Building Project of the Year under £10m Award

Project of the Year delivers outstanding outcomes for all those involved in a construction project.  It showcases the benefits achieved through the application of many of the principles described in the other award categories. More info.

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2021 Summit & Awards Ceremony on Thurs 1st July 2021. Free attendance.

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