Blog: SECBE Awards 2021 finalist - Arch Insurance

12 May 2021

Arch Insurance  (submitted by Rap Interiors Ltd)

Client of the Year SECBE Award 2021 finalist

Rap Interiors first met Nick Godden from Axiom Underwriting at a time when they were being acquired by the Global company, Arch Insurance. Nick the Ops Director and Mike the MD were a little unsure of what their bigger world under a new ownership was going to be like but they wanted to relocate to more prestigious offices and replicate the dynamic brand of Arch Insurance.

Then known as Axiom, this client needed to occupy more prestigious offices for U.S visits under the new brand of Arch Ins Global. Whilst this could have been confusing having to communicate in different time zones and with a US client with clear and strong brand values, the opposite was achieved. Clear information was detailed to them about how U.S offices and brand looked, and they were to follow their branding guidelines but create a UK slant on the operation.

Assisting Axiom UK with finding premises was the first remit and this was very quickly approved by the USA Global operatives. The decision was to be made by the US Global company, Arch Insurance and quickly Ms Tabitha Lee, COO, came to the UK and discussed pros and cons of two sites that Rap Interiors, through their supply chain, found for the client to deliberate over.

The client decided on Hermitage Court and Rap Interiors designed the space, taking into consideration the overriding global brand trying to incorporate some small ideas from Axiom so there was a feeling of joining rather than taking over.

Negotiating with the landlord, The Gallagher Group, with whom Rap has a good working relationship, it is Rap's normal practice to make the outgoing tenant works and the incoming client Axiom/Arch as painless as possible for all involved.

Designs, branding, colour schemes and a mood board day at their office where the UK and the USA came together and decisions were made. The fit-out went well and there came about the desire to continue working together. Working together and having brainstorming days on dates of U/S visits were collaborative and decisive.

Rap have since helped Arch to define and create a similar design in connection with their global branding guidelines to further sites in St Albans, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton & head office in London. Different site locations require specific design changes within the rolling theme and this is achieved by the design team working closely with the Arch team to define those requirements in connection with location and the building fabric. Close collaboration has resulted in an understanding between both parties and this continues in a forward movement for further works on existing and other sites.

Rap also helped Arch in relation to making the office spaces COVID-19 safe when they were asked to survey and produce drawings to incorporate one-way systems and social distancing for when offices can be occupied.

Key facts:

  • Providing more than a fit-out advice, with branding design, and finding space for new office premises
  • Providing a specification product schedule so that any office represents the Arch Global feel, consistent communication with all overseas heads of depts and the Global Chief Operating Office
  • Delivering projects through a pandemic and different time zones completely to clients satisfaction

About the Client of the Year Award

Construction clients have an important role to play in transforming the way the industry operates.  How projects come to market has a significant impact on the ability of the construction industry to provide innovative, whole life value-for-money solutions. More info.

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