Blog: SECBE Awards 2023 Finalist ABILO App by SER Contractor

12 April 2023

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ABILO App (submitted by SER Contractor)

Digital Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2023 finalist

SER Contractor have been undertaking capital works on the Council’s housing stock in Lambeth since 2014. Internal phase included kitchen and bathroom design and replacements, electrical testing, rewiring and upgrading work; communal improvement work: flooring, decorations, general building, FRA work, fire-stopping. The external phase involved the complete refurbishment of mixed tenure various structures: flat roofing renewals, chimney restoration and repairs, windows renewals, overhauling and timber resin repairs, fabric and masonry repairs, decorations, drainage surveys and improvement works.

Restrictions and safety guidance had to be accommodated whilst the project milestones, target cost, completion, communication and customer satisfaction plus other Key performance indicators were constantly achieved and maintained. SER Contractor also had to deal with restricted access and reduced materials availability at its supply chain, extended manufacturing and delivery lead times, limited deliveries availabilities, increased prices for materials and fuel. Brexit resulted in a shortage of workers, employers had to increase wages due to the competition.

SER Contractor's main solution was to create a new communication tool which has been further developed into ‘’ABILO’’ software, a cloud based mobile application. This improved the communication ensuring all information, reports, photos and communication were shared in real time and accessible to all parties involved, eliminating the requirement for site ‘’face to face’’ meetings, enabling all project parties’ access from various locations. Other operational and commercial functions were added, saving on time (travel, transportation), meeting facilities, overall cost and reducing the carbon footprint. SER Contractor have increased work productivity while reducing the overhead cost; project key dates and milestones were achieved. The company have managed, maintained and improved the level of communication and information flow using the software, remotely reducing number of meetings, senior management site visits and in person quality checks and auditing. 

SER Contractor have achieved all project KPIs, very high customer satisfactions return rate and high results. The company have gained further business reputation and client’s recognition which resulted in further contracts awards. The implementation of the software resulted in a number of other advantages: many of the company's construction projects were able to start ahead of other contractors, transport and logistics were improved through efficient and regular supply of materials, SER Contractor have been able to minimize waste as project managers could check stock live and order when needed to the correct amount required, it reduced on-site vehicles and machinery contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, and it ensured continuous and effective project costing in place. 

All staff and specialist subcontractors profiles data are collected, protected, recorded and saved on SER Contractor's system and held on the app and remotely accessible. This includes personal information, works location, training records and work pattern/site location details. Each operative logged to the app is/can be monitored in a real time which apart from the performance objective add the security tracking feature/ benefit to the senior management team ensuring the staff is safe (lone working) and contactable for most of the time. The app is fully enabling clients to monitor and manage all stages remotely from their own device and better controlling cost and progress.

Key achievements:

  • Improved overall Business control - live cost, progress, pictures, documents.

  • Reduce overhead costs with 20%.

  • Improved Cash-flow for the business.

Client: Lambeth London Borough Council

Project Partners: SER Contractor

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Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2023 Ceremony on Thurs 29th June 2023.

About the Digital Award (sponsored by Galliford Try): 

Digital embraces BIM, GIS, Big Data and other evolving technological advancements.  Technology has transformed the world we live in and has potential to revolutionise the construction industry. This category rewards organisations, projects or initiatives that have adopted, advanced and achieved excellence in Digital. More info

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